Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'll count my blessings too

  1. I put together a new bench I bought from Wal-mart. (I am woman! Here me roar... or whatever)
  2. I've started to hang SOME photos on the wall. There are still a bunch sprawled about on the floor, but baby steps. 
  3. I had a friend come over and drill a hanging rack into my closet door.
  4. I figured out a reputable laundry delivery in my area. 
  5. I figured out a reputable grocery delivery in my area. 
  6. I figured out where the best grocery stores are on the way home (And Bed, Bath & Beyond and the container store are included in my grocery store list, LOL!). 
  7. I figured out how to get to Target in the Bronx and in East Harlem. Target is still so necessary.
  8. I figured out that if I get things shipped to my home, they will put them right near my door instead of leaving them on the first floor, which was so helpful when that heavy bench arrived. 
  9. I figured out the quickest way to get to work that includes a Dunkin' Donuts on the way. #WatchMeWin 
  10. I found a nail salon. 

See, even though I'm not looking at NY through rose-colored glasses anymore, the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff, so I'll observe, but I won't complain.

What tips do you have for settling into a new home? A new job? A new city?  

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