Monday, June 22, 2015

Count Your Blessings

Have you been home lately? Do your things work? Please stop and thank God right now.

A big part of getting settled is getting all the things to work... together... at the same time. I love my apartment, but here's a list of things that have been broken/not yet working that are driving/have driven me nuts:

  • The stove. This is because the property manager didn't turn on the gas. 
  • The oven. Even after turning on the gas and me calling no less than EVERY DAY for the past 45 days and they swear it works. I have had everyone who comes into my home (which is a lot of people. You get popular when you move to NY), try to turn on the oven. Nothing. 
  • The TV. Now this is my fault because I'm not audio/visual savvy and I don't try to be. A friend came over and hooked up the antenna, so I was good to go after about three weeks of no TV. 
  • The internet. Now it only took 1 week to set it up, but it was slow as hell, so I upgraded... online. Where they don't tell you to get an upgrade requires a new box. So then I went two more weeks with no internet in my home, which means 
  • The home theater doesn't work. My version of a TV is Netflix and Hulu Plus (And Pandora, of course) and nope, it doesn't work without internet.
  • Then I get the internet fixed and the home theater system STILL DOESN'T WORK! Again, I don't try to do these things myself, I get help and even with taking out all of the wires, it still didn't work until...
The next day it just did. Infuriating, but I'm also happy to have my sounds back.
  • My Wall Street Journal subscription. I have it coming to my job during the week and then to my home on the weekend. Weekend delivery is cool. Weekday delivery is a mess. I'm pretty sure the office is just taking my paper and giving it to the higher up. And I don't even read it (no time now that I have a job), but I like to see the headlines. And I paid for it. And by paid for it, I mean used airline miles to purchase it. But it's the principle of the thing. I want it because it's MINE. And I don't have it and I emailed them and I'm still not getting it. It's a mess.
I think those are all of the broken things and tomorrow, I'll send a list of things that ARE working out for me in NY. 

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