Friday, May 1, 2015

Things I noticed

Hey folks, I got a new job, so get ready for my unemployment blog series! I have about a month's worth of reflections to share. I hope it entertains a lot of people and help at least one person. I'll be sure to write the date of the actual posts on all of the posts to give you an idea of when I wrote it. Enjoy.


It's February 4, 2015 and I've been unemployed for 8 days now. I haven't told a lot of people because I'm not emotionally equipped to deal with their reactions. The shock, the pity, the concern, the confusion. I can't deal with any of it from other people. So I'm keeping quiet until I have a plan. As you can imagine, I have a lot to say about being unemployed, so you get all the info now: One year later...

Here are things that I've noticed since I've been unemployed:
  1. Even though Pittsburgh is one of the gloomiest cities in America (no sun due the valleys and such), the sun DOES come out most days. From about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. it shines brightly into the 12 foot windows of my apartment. So much so, that I can turn the heat down and not get cold. I cherish those sunny moments. 
  2. My oven is quite dirty; Easy Off works really well.
  3. The doormen in my building are nosy as hell (Can't get out of the building without going out of the front door, damn shame.) 
  4. The Good Wife is a great show. I'm six seasons behind. With 23 shows per season, who knows if I'll ever catch up. 
  5. It is possible to finish my to-do list daily.
  6. Pinterest is just as great as it always was.
  7. It's both refreshing and exhausting to process every single personal thought that crosses my mind because I don't have anything else to do.
  8. It's easier than I expected to ignore social media and/or only post during times that I would usually be on my way to or getting home from work.
  9. I subscribe to too many online newsletters.
  10. I'm sad when I don't get mail, especially since walking down to get mail is sometimes my only outing for the day 
    Bonus: I create a lot of waste. There's something about eating two meals a day at work and putting my trash in multiple trash cans that make me feel like I'm a good environmental citizen, but being at home all day and having a full bag of trash at the end of each day for just me, makes me think recycling is not enough.

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