Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Kids Keep Me Young...

I love Humans of New York. It is by far the best display of diversity I've ever seen. It really tells you people's stories in one of the most diverse metropolises of our nation. So I came across this post, where a teacher says he does everything his students do (socially), so that they can know he's interested in them BEFORE they have a problem. Man, that's simple, but it's genius.

Fortunately, I saw this the right before I took Joy to Red Lobster for our farewell/she's just pregnant and hungry dinner. So instead of trying to play my gospel station (LOL!), I let her play her music in the car.

Kids will put you up on that new new. For the record all my juvenile delinquent girls LOVE Chief Keef. Joy thinks he's cute. (How you know she needs my help and guidance). But I let her cook. We listened to this so many times in the car that I started boppin' to it and downloaded it.

It's so bad that you have to watch YouTube with the lyrics to even know what they're saying. It's so bad, that Tank, my ratchet music connoisseur said he couldn't listen to more than 45 seconds of it. It's misogynistic, promotes promiscuity, drug use and probably low self-esteem.

BUT it gave me a way to connect to Joy and it's still banging in my headphones. I present to you Decline. For every fool who ever hit your phone that can't take a hint.

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