Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thank You, LinkedIn!

Originally written on on 2/25/15

It's just two days shy of me being unemployed for a full month. I feel better about it than I have. I actually am up and down. Some days I'm thankful for the time to reflect. Other days I want to teleport into the job that I want to have.

Some days I love the calls from recruiters following up on applications that I've sent. Other days, it makes me sick to my stomach.

I can't control any of it, but I'm no longer having trouble sleeping. I've been to Phoenix to visit my little brother and his family. I've been to Chicago to visit my mom and various friends. Most people thought I was a jerk on the Chicago trip because I didn't announce that I was coming home. But I saw who I was supposed to see and life goes on.

Today, I am thankful for LinkedIn. The last time I was conducting an active job search, I feel like Simply Hired had the best job leads. In 2015, LinkedIn has taken over leaps and bounds. Even when I wasn't actively looking, LinkedIn would send me about 5-7 jobs a week to see if I was interested. I filed those in a safe place and can refer to those companies and positions now.

What's more, the LinkedIn jobs section has a pretty smart algorithm. I tell them where I want to work (New York, D.C., Houston, Dallas and London are all searches right now) and jobs just pop up like a Facebook news feed. They use all the skills that people [who I've never worked with] have endorsed me for on LinkedIn to bring up relevant jobs. If I don't like a job, I just put an X through it and they don't how me those types of jobs anymore. For example, they keep giving me Account Supervisor roles, since my former role was Senior Account Supervisor and that's basically a demotion.

But here is why I have to bow down to LinkedIn. They have a feature where you can apply using your profile. Upload a resume, CV or cover letter and boom, you've applied. THEN they tell you how many other people have applied. THEN they tell you similar jobs. I wish all jobs sites were this intuitive.

Assuming I'll have a job by the time this posts, but just in case I don't, what other site would you suggest for relevant searches?  

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