Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tea's Tangents: Unemployement Edition

Originally written on 4/11/15


1. Procrastination is the devil. I also participate in active procrastination to try to trick myself into thinking that's not what it is. For example, I went to the doctor and had lunch with a former coworker [and took a nap] before I got my day started today. BUT since today is the day before I travel, I probably should have rescheduled both of those appointments and skipped that luxurious nap to fully focus on preparing for these interviews.

2. I thought my flight was leaving at 2:30 and it's actually arriving in New York at 2:30, which means instead of leaving at 12:30 p.m., I now need to leave at about 11 a.m. and the number of things I need to do before now and then is just...

3. Meanwhile, I still sat down to write down my thoughts because I can't Tweet them because I don't want people asking me what I'm doing in New York and I have to say interviewing because I don't have a job. 

4. Trying to pack for a trip when you have given no thought whatsoever to how your weight gain has affected your work clothes, BUT you also cannot buy anything because you are not employed... is the pits. I'm about to be sucking it in for 7 straight days. I'm seriously considering buying maternity pants for my everyday flow. I need a belly pocket too. I just want to be comf-table.

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