Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taken For Granted: Employer Costs

Originally written on 4/7/15.


I just got my water/sewer bill and it is 150% of what it was last month (the last bill I had before I lost my job). What's worst is that this bill I'm looking at includes 2 weeks that I was out of town.

I completely took for granted the fact that I wasn't cooking breakfast and lunch at home and running the dishwasher and the laundry machine daily while I was at work. All my trash. All my dishwashing were paid for by the gig.

Add that to these healthcare costs:

Obamacare is awesome, but my copays are higher because I picked a midrange plan vs. an expensive plan that cost about as much as COBRA.

Then add that to the fact that I no longer have a tax-sheltered fund to pay for prescriptions and doctors visits. I paid out of pocket to go to the dentist chief. I was like we're not doing X-rays until I'm an employee again. Eff that. Scrub me white, then I'm out of here!

So yeah, the next time I have a job, I will be thanking God line by line for all of these things that I never quite considered as "costs" or "low cost" because I always had them.

After I get a job and sing grateful at church, it's going to have a new meaning.

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