Thursday, May 28, 2015

Real Talk

Originally written on 4/29/15


On my birthday 2015, my little brother hits up wanting to know what city and state I'm in, so he can send me stuff for my birthday. I'm like, send me what? How about you send me a Target gift card because I need groceries.

He's like I was going to send flowers or candy, to which, I IMMEDIATELY reply:

Send flowers. F*ck groceries.

At the end of the day unemployed as I may be, I'm still a girl. And I'm still a Taurus. And Tauruses love beautiful things. And flowers are some of the most beautiful things the good Lord has ever blessed us with.

I'm sure there's a soup kitchen or something I can get food from. There aren't going to be any flowers in a soup kitchen.

And before you all get out of sorts, I'm exaggerating. I'm not to the point where I'm eating at soup kitchens, but I've also never been the type to spend a premium on food in my home. I may eat at a nice restaurant or something, but my fridge is pretty bare on the regular. Now that I've been traveling, I haven't found the time to keep my fridge stocked AND I'm lowkey scared to buy a lot of groceries because I just don't think I'll be living here that much longer. 

Nothing like throwing out a fridge full of food.

Anywho, if I remember, I'll post pics of my birthday flowers. I thank God for brothers!

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