Sunday, May 31, 2015

Random First Day Thoughts

Originally written on Tuesday, 5/18/15


- I can't believe I live in New York.

- My key card works. (Pure joy and excitement)

- I have a keycard.

- My company has a directory in the back of the new employee handbook with everything there is to do around the building. The shopping page had um... 30+ stores. I'm in hog heaven!

- At 1:13 p.m. - I need a nap.

- Then next day - I don't have time to blog at work, so this is turning into random first week thoughts.

- I sneezed (#LikeAMug) and no one said bless you. I'm not in the Quaker state anymore. As much as I love the diversity, I do miss my Christian blessings when I sneeze. :(

- Nothing makes you feel important like billing time. I'm like yes, someone is paying for me! Wait.

- I am so tired of wearing clothes. Since it's spring the air is not really regulated right. It's cold sometimes, so the heat is still on. Then we are having all these closed door meetings. I'm about to pass out daily. Usually when this happens I just take off my clothes...

- THEN, speaking of clothes, I told y'all I gained all this weight. My first day, I had on a dress that I love, but it's a 6 and I am not. I had to fidget through all of my meetings because I kept feeling like it was riding up and my thighs were sweating.

- THEN I buy a medium denim dress from Target, which is essentially a denim paper bag and I figure I'm DEFINITELY going to be comfortable in this, but it's belted. And this morning, I had the belt on the third from the last loop. By afternoon, second from last. Now it's 7:18 p.m. and it's on the last loop, holding on for dear life.

- I'm going to go back to the gym... in June.

- I just saw the cleaning lady. I'm already back on my workaholic steez.

- And I'm taking work home tonight, but it's all good.

- Happy to have a gig. I feel good about this place.

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Ishea said...

Lol @ the shit show that is your ever changing belt loop throughout the day. The struggle is REAL!! I feel your pain.