Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Office Supplies

Originally written on 2/28/15


I've been off work for a month and a day. You'd think I'd miss the challenge of marketing for my clients or the discourse of smart brains or the camaraderie of coworkers. Nope. The thing I miss the most about the office is office supplies/conveniences. Here are few things I'm missing right now:

10. Legal notepads. Do you know how much paper costs? I dare you to go into Walgreens or CVS and stand in the paper aisle and see if your mind isn't blown at these prices. I keep electronic lists, but sometimes I prefer tactiles and these little notebooks set me back. 
9. Free goodies from IT. Every once in a while, I'll just mention to IT that I lost my iPhone 5 charger and BOOM, a new iPhone 5 charger just emerges overnight.
8. Staplers. Now, I know I owned a pink stapler. I remember buying it, thinking "This is so cute." I kept it at home. I remember packing it in a plastic bag with other office supplies and I can't find it. It's so dumb, but I'm not buying a new stapler, when I know this old pink one exists.
7. A fax machine - I've not needed to send a fax, but the moment I do and I have to pay FedEx Kinkos a dollar per page, I'm going to miss it.
6. An electronic 3-hole puncher - It's just so efficient.
4. Cake. Ok, so this isn't really an office supply, but go with it: Once a month, the office had meetings and to celebrate the birthday babies that month there was cake. A white cake with raspberry filling and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Fam, I used to live for that cake. I'm tempted to call the receptionist and ask where they order it from and just go get a slice once a month. 
3. The scanner. When I need to send a receipt to someone now I just take a photo of it with my phone. It seems cheap.
2. The printer. I haven't had a printer since I realized that it's cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy ink, I stored my printer at my mother's house and resolved to only do my printing at work.
1. The paper shredder. There's something therapeutic to me about paper shredding. It's also nice to know that stranger danger won't have my social security and credit card numbers to steal my identity. I bought a little one from Wal-Mart that broke after one 2-hour session of shredding papers. I miss that big, powerful paper shredder in my office. I miss it a lot.

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Frank George said...

Shame, I would feel the same and probably miss a lot of the same things. My wife owns a office supply store and I must say I go there a lot and love being there. Also agree on the part of the cake making its way on the list. Cake is definitely a must!