Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lessons Learned

Originally written on 4/23/15


1. Be grateful for EVERYTHING- If I had just been grateful for the head's up that my flight was delayed, I would have gotten up at the same time and took care of some things for 90 minutes at the airport instead of being sluggish and going back to sleep.

2. Never take no for an answer - U.S. Airways wouldn't sell me a ticket originally because the plane had 50 seats and 50 people checked in. Meanwhile there were 4-5 empty seats on the plane when the door was about to close.

3.  ALWAYS have a list - I got a little cocky since this was my third trip in two weeks AND I had car service coming to get me, so I didn't have to stress about being on-time and such. I forgot so many things that ended up costing me um... close to $800 in flights, Uber, the Verizon store and overdraft fees. I have GOT to do better.

4. Let Go and Let God - I had ample opportunity to get on social media and complain. To curse the air to claim Murphy's law and just give up. But I know everything happens for a reason and I also know I don't control ANYTHING except my own actions. I make mistakes (leaving my ID at home to start) and maybe this situation will help me be compassionate to others who make mistakes that affect me in the future.

5. Don't take your day out on other people - Despite being really angry with myself, I still had a delightful conversation with my Uber driver. There was no reason to be mad or mean towards him (or anyone else, even though I REALLY wanted to be) and that conversation made my day better. PLUS we talked about Pittsbugh restaurants and I added a new one to my list.

6. People/companies deserve a second chance. I wrote a whole post about hating Delta and I DID based on a horrific experience I had with them years back. BUT After missing my flight, I called Delta to make sure I was still on the outbound flight and asked about a refund for the inbound. They gave it to me (#NeverHappens) and now I have essentially a free flight to take wherever I want, which is an awesome silver lining. They have roomier seats than other airlines, cheaper prices on last minute flights and really good Biscotti. While I'm a still bull-headed Taurus, I'm proud of my ability to reconsider what I once thought to be true.

7. Bring Your Own Dough - Even if the company is sponsoring the trip, bring your own money. The $72 I just spent in overdraft fees is money I can never get back. I had been doing so well this year too. I was trying to go a whole year without overdraft fees. You know, act as a responsible, checkbook-balancing adult. Ah well, reset.

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