Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It started with an invitation

Originally written on 3/31/15


Yesterday, I got a wedding invitation in the mail. It was gorgeous. Classic, traditional, elegant. I couldn't wait to RSVP.

A quick survey of my closet indicated that I'd need to purchase a dress (or maybe even a gown because it's an evening wedding) and I IMMEDIATELY got online. After exhausting myself on RentTheRunway, Ebay, Maggy London, Badgley Mischka and a host of other sites. I decided on two styles of dress that I MAY wear to this wedding.

Then today, I borrowed a friend's car to go to the dentist and found myself on errands, amongst those, taming these brows. Do you know I went in about a month ago and Hanna (brow threader at La Biotique in the Monroeville Mall)... Yes, I know they were shooting in the mall, but seriously, where else am I going to get my brows done in Pittsburgh.

I digress.

A month ago Hanna told me I'd messed up the shape of my brows so bad that she couldn't even clean them up.

I had to go to Sephora, buy some brow powder and fill them in for a month and ACT like I didn't notice the monstrosity on my face. It was real Bert from Sesame Street level horrible.

Back to the story.

So brow place is at the mall, the mall is near DSW. I need shoes to go with this imaginary dress I'm buying. And perhaps shoes will help me pick between the two imaginary dresses I'm buying.

I proceeded to play a game called "If I wasn't unemployed, how many pairs of shoes would I buy today?" The answer was four, maybe five. Maybe three. If I was feeling sensible, but probably not, there wee some great deals: Cole Haan loafers for $60. And there's no tax on shoes or clothes in Pittsburgh. I about cried putting those back in the box.

So I leave out of their unscathed, but I still need some cute flat shoes that are not flip flops for the upcoming bachelorette party that's in New Orleans in less that three weeks (related to the wedding in less that two months).

I get online looking for some shoes that I saw in DSW LAST YEAR and left them there being "responsible" and boy, I'm not doing that anymore. They next time I have a job and want something, I'm buying it.

So thanks to the lovely internet, I track them or their knockoffs down at Bakers and they are $84.99 and I cannot spend $84.99 on anything frivolous when I do not have an income and I am sad. If they were $25.99, I would have been all over that and taken it out of my grocery budget. I'd be all... #MeatlessMondays What?

So now, I'm going to be flip-flopping it up in New Orleans like a peasant without cute, strappy, rhinestoned footwear, but the moment I have an income, I'm buying these shoes. And not even because I want them so bad. It's because I want them NOW and I can't have them. So I will have them later. (I clearly have issues with rejection, denial and the word no in general. I feel like one of those girls on Ricki Lake talmbout "You shunned me in kindergarten, but look at me now." Pray for me.)

UPDATE: Now that I have a job, I really don't want these shoes. I bought some other stuff I wanted though. :-)

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