Saturday, May 9, 2015

Interview Prep: LIKE A BOSS!

Originally written on 3/5/15.


I have an interview today with a company I REALLY want to work for. I'm talking about years of applying with this company and finally a callback. I've talked to their recruiter several times (he was the callback) and now I'm about to hop on the phone with the "hiring team," who is one executive. Like his picture is on the website of a billion dollar company and he's getting ready to dial my line to "explore my background."

God willing, by the time you read this, I'll be coming up on my one-year anniversary with said company, but right now...

MAN, I'M NERVOUS! I've moved past "pit of my stomach, panic attack anxiety." That was last week. Today, I'm am in super preparation mode. Stay up all night, take a nap and get up early preparation mode. Here's what I've done so far.
  • Reviewed the company's financials, annual report, earnings statement, etc. 
  • Reviewed the company's product portfolio. 
  • Reviewed the company's top brand social media channels. 
  • Took a look at the company's in-store set-up for key brands. (On-site research)
  • Reviewed the interviewer's background and internet footprint.
  • Chatted with the recruiter (different from the interviewer). 
  • Conducted a mock phone interview with a friend who's a C-Level HR Exec. 
  • Chatted with someone who works at the company to get insight on the role, culture, interviewer and my general chances [my chances are good!].
  • Reviewed my old resumes to jog my memory of past work experience.(This was a super fun experience. I found my very first resume from college and listen, the Lord has brought me a might long way!)
  • Reviewed PR, social media and category (food and beverage) trends.
  • Prepped questions, answers and specific examples for more than 40 questions. 
  • Created a sell sheet that follows the situation-action-result (SARS) model for 13 brand-specific campaigns and my corresponding competencies/accomplishments for them.
  • Read today and yesterday's Wall Street Journal. The actual paper, not the online version.
  • Applied for other jobs. (Can't keep all my eggs in one basket)  
  • Listened to Beyonce's 7/11. 
  • Prayed. 
  • Meditated. 
  • Did 10 Jumping jacks. 
*bounces around like Muhammad Ali* I think I'm ready. 

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