Thursday, May 7, 2015

Going Rogue

My "luxury" apartment building is giving me crap about moving out. And by crap, I mean trying to charge me money I do not have. Now, they don't know I haven't been working for three months, but they're about to find out.

They're all you can't sublet. I'm all... my lease says otherwise.

Anywho, if you're:

- Moving to Pittsburgh
- Know anyone moving to Pittsburgh or
- Live in Pittsburgh and want to try downtown for the summer/fall

Consider taking over my apartment lease. It's a great deal for all of the conveniences of downtown living.

Please share far and wide!

1 comment:

Ishea said...

Checked out the post because I'm nosey (and love real estate/interior design) and VERY jealous of your price point! Why am I paying $1525 + Parking (1700) for my studio in Seattle!!! Granted, I'm insanely happy and have zero complaints (other than price #KanyeShrug), but dang... I miss living in an affordable city. Good luck with getting your place rented out.