Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bum's Log: 3 Months

Originally written on 4/27/15


April 27th is a special day. In 2012, it was my last day at the PR agency, I spent almost 8 years at. I didn't even take a week and started my new job on April 30th. Now, three years later, it marks 90 days since I got laid off a new job. (Not the job I left my old agency for... Have you ever had three W2 in the same year? A mess).

It's also the day before my birthday. The last day in a year. It's like New Year's Eve for me. This year, it's not my favorite day. I've definitely been in better places on April 27th the other 30 years of my life, but I'm excited to turn 32 tomorrow and put this year behind me. Which, by the way, was a good year despite my current 90 days of unemployment situation.

Anywho, here's my log:

30: Episodes of the Mindy Project that I've seen since my last bum's log
90: Days I've been unemployed 
90: Jobs I've applied to (hey, look at me averaging 1 job a day. That's way better than my last check in)
54: Number of Tinder matches I have right now (That span Chicago, New Orleans and New York... None in Pittsburgh because racism) 
22: Phone interviews I've had
10: In-Person Interviews I've had  
4: Cities I've visited since that fateful January day
3: Number of times I've been to New York for interviews
1: Number of times I've had to appeal my eligibility to the unemployment office in a "hearing" because their computer system broke and they blamed it on me
0: Number of current Tinder matches I've actually ever met in person 

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