Tuesday, April 14, 2015

*Wyclef Voice* I'm in Real Big Trouble

Let's talk about hair again since I'm completely obsessed with it. As a refresher,

  • My Chicago stylist dyed my hair blonde, loved it. 
  • My Chicago stylist added highlights. LOVED! THEM! 
  • Then winter in Pittsburgh happened and it DESTROYED my poor little blonde tresses. My sometimes Pittsburgh stylist cut a bunch of dead ends off... and also proceeded to burn the curl out of so many pieces of my hair.
  • My hair was still acting a dry mess. 
  • My new Pittsburgh [and very expensive] stylist dyed my hair back to its original color. 
  • My hair is acting MOSTLY better, but the damn straight ends are driving me bonkers so...
  • I've been cutting straight ends of my hair off in the bathroom with sewing scissors. I'm obsessed with doing it. Every time I see a new straight piece, I'm like BYE! I feel like having straight hair at the end of my curly hair is the same things as transitioning. And we all know how much of a pain transitioning was. So I'd rather have similar textured hair than a proper haircut. 
  •  When my Chicago stylist and/or my new Pittsburgh stylists sees this hack job I've done to my hair, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be put in timeout. But until then, I'm making out like a bandit. A shaggy haired bandit!
  • AND, It's wash-n-go season! Hello, yes! 
 What's your spring hairstyle?

UPDATE: Since writing this, I've stopped hacking off random pieces of hair (mainly because I don't see any more straight pieces). But I might not be in trouble because my wash-n-go is luxurious if I do say so myself. I may have found the answer to phenomenal natural hair. Stop heat damage! I'm about to do a two-strand twistout, so we'll see if the results are similar. *fingers crossed*  

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