Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Dressing

I'm such a consumer. Every year the seasons catch me off guard. I find myself in my closet thinking "wtf did I wear last season?" I actually just ran through my Instagram looking for a pic and saw all these cute clothes from spring and summers past that I no longer own. They were either cheap and fell apart or I gained weight and can no longer wear them.

I'm packing for a trip and I'm trying really hard not to get online and go ham. The shopping options in Pittsburgh are limited, so there's not a lot of in-my-face temptation. In my head, there are about 10 Pinterest outfits I want and I don't have any of the pieces to put them together in my closet. So instead of going to buy them, I am typing this blog. Baby steps.

I also lose my mind shopping every time I go to Chicago and it's a new season. Me and the Akira guys and dolls have a BALL! The next time I'm going home is for Memorial Day weekend and it's for a wedding, so I'm [wishful] thinking that I won't have time to shop.

I going to hopefully just remix the hell out of my current wardrobe, but I can't make any promises. I wonder if I cut off all media (Social, TV, Magainzes, radio w/ ads) if I would still want to buy so much stuff. I imagine I'd still see billboards and I'd see people on the street with outfit combinations I hadn't seen before, but when I tell you I am targeted for these sales and these clearances. They know EXACTLY how I operate and are in my inbox like "hey, boo, hey"

Anywho, still on this journey to try to keep more of my money than I spend. Send me well wishes!

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