Friday, April 17, 2015

Blogging and Such

I'm proud of myself. I've been blogging pretty consistently since the middle of February. That's definitely due to cutting social media sites out. I also noticed bloggers that I used to read more frequently have either abandoned their blogs or don't blog as much either. It's hard to stay consistent out here, especially when you're doing it for fun, like me.

How often do you blog? Have you made any kind of commitment to do it regularly? Has it been more or less difficult for you to stay consistent in the past, say, 2-4 years?

Do you still read blogs daily? Weekly?

Do you still comment on blogs (watch I get ZERO comments on this) as much as you did, say 2-4 years ago? 


Maipai said...

I abandoned all of mine a year or so ago but I still read them. Feedly helps. I only comment if I'm really compelled.

Ishea said...

My life was in a completely different place 2-4 years ago and blogging has a nice, carved out portion of my time. I've definitely sacrificed the amount of time I spend reading blogs (I probably log into Blogger once a week, if that) and I am only a tad bit better watching vlogs.

I've been living a lot of life and definitely experiencing blog worth moments, but between working out (which became a real priority last year), sleeping (God... sleep is amazing) and just taking time to "be" ... I've been doing much less writing. I feel like I need to wake up an hour earlier to try and fit everything into the time frame that would be feasible for the day.