Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Take Action for AIDS In Illinois

The new Illinois Governor is messing things up and fast. I didn't follow the campaign too much because I just expected folks to vote Democratically and therefore this anti-union, anti-social services gubernatorial candidate would be ignored. Boy, was I wrong. I should have come come and encouraged more people to vote. Anywho, I got the following letter from John Peller, President/CEO of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and wanted to share.


1. Write or call the governor and tell him not to make the cuts to the AIDS services in the budget and
2. Donate to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (or other AIDS organization) for the great work they're doing in Chicago and beyond.
3. Mark your calendar for all of the advocacy days below  


Dear T, 

Last month, Governor Bruce Rauner proposed the most destructive budget that the HIV community has seen in years. His budget contains a $1.6 billion cut to Medicaid, a $6 million slash (which is a 25% cut) to the state’s HIV funding line and a reduction in funding for the African American AIDS Response Act Fund by 66% to $500,000.

This budget is unacceptable and we must push back.

Will you contribute to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) and our skilled team of health policy experts who are advocating to ensure adequate funding for HIV services?  Your donation funds our advocacy efforts as we fight these budget cuts to retain crucial HIV funding.
Donate online at

Stand with Illinois’ HIV community so that legislators understand that our state’s fiscal burdens cannot be placed on the backs of individuals living with or vulnerable to HIV.
John Peller

P.S. You can join our fight against budget cuts! Sign up for AFC’s advocacy alerts, join our Virtual Advocacy Day on Wednesday, March 18, or come with us to Springfield on Wednesday, April 15 or Wednesday, May 13.

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