Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Cleaning

I did some spring cleaning this weekend. Yes, I know it's snowing like it's the middle of January, but I'm thinking spring thoughts.

Here's a list of useless information that I found out while cleaning.

1. Goodwill closes at 5 p.m. on Sunday. If I want to get this stuff out of my house, I need to get on the good foot EARLY in the morning.

2. You can recycle batteries at the City County building, 414 Grant Street.

3. A paste of baking soda and water gets stubborn, stuck-on food off of electric stove burners.

4. Easy Off works just as well on stuck on stove top food as does on ovens, but there's no substitute for an S.O.S. pad and some elbow grease!

5. Tenants in my building ARE allowed to smoke in their apartments, just not in the common areas. Pinterest should have a solution to stop by house from smelling like a bar due to my new neighbor's habits.

6. Banks don't have change machines anymore. The banker told me "we have dollar" machines so as to say my change ain't shit. So keeping a bag of change on my countertop to take to the bank won't work anymore in 2015. I guess I'll be paying in exact change and/or using Coinstar. ALSO, I think Coinstar is ludicrous. Why would I give you money to exchange MY money. That's like getting my check cashed at the currency exchange when direct deposit is available to me. It's just nuts.

7. You should keep documents related to your taxes for up to seven years. Then you can destroy them.

8. You should keep bills for three months or until they are settled. Settled = you said you paid and your creditor/utility agrees.

9. At home paper shredders suck.

10. There are free paper shredding community events that either charge nothing or charge a donation to charity to shred all your papers for you. If your paper shredder is wack like mine and/or you don't want to be hauling stacks of crap into work to shred, consider timing your spring cleaning to one of these events in your area.

Are you doing any spring cleaning this year?

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