Saturday, March 14, 2015

Random Musings

1. I bought* CBS All Access pass to finish watching the Good Wife (I'm up to Season 6 now) and there are so many damn commercials.

I know that Verizon has the largest 4G LTE Network in the community.
I know that today could be my day to save with Geico.
I know that Buick has five expectation shattering models

And most importantly, I know that Lobsterfest is on now at Red Lobster.

If they're going to inundate me with commercials, they could do me the favor of having more than four sponsors.

2. Hulu Plus has too many commercials too, BUT Hulu Plus, let's you tell them if the commercial is relevant to you or not. So I can tell them that any commercial about me being a mom and making a lunch or cleaning a bathroom for some damn kids is irrelevant, despite my age and tax bracket, that would indicate that I could possibly be a mom by now.

3. I don't like Alicia Florrick. I think she's a Godless, shiftless woman without a moral center and I don't understand why I can never see her part. No one's hair is that thick. Her and her husband deserve each other and I wish she went on a vacation, so they could focus on Diane Lockhart and her husband more. I find that relationship fascinating.

4. Everyone once in a while, you should watch a back movie on Netflix. Today, I chose N-Secure. Oh, what straight-to-DVD trash this was. If I had been drinking, I would have laughed hysterically and uncontrollably.

5. Naps are awesome.

*When I say bought I mean I got the free week, so I could binge watch Season 6 this weekend, cancel and then watch it on Sunday nights like a regular person. Free weeks make the world go round. 

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