Thursday, March 5, 2015

It Fought A Good Fight

My vacuum cleaner is probably old. I have no idea when I bought it. Maybe 2006... Maybe 2000... It's broken and I blame natural hair. It's not ALL the way broken, which would have been nice. At least that wouldn't have given me false hope. It's essentially brushing all the dirt into one location (under the vacuum), but not picking it up.

Do other people have this problem? Or am I the last sane adult who doesn't have hardwood floors? 

So what do you think I did? 

A) Kept vacuuming since it IS brushing the dirt...and then picked the rest up by hand.
B) Swept the rug like it's a hardwood floor.
C) Bent down and picked the dirt up with my hands, which is essentially like cutting grass with scissors.
D) A mix of A,B and C


E) Lived in filth and squalor until the vacuum was repaired?

If anyone comments with a guess (or texts me or something, I'll post an update).

P.S. I'm going to ask Google, but does anyone know how much vacuum cleaner repairs are? Or should I just buy a new one?

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