Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Since I recently did some spring cleaning, I got into the mood to organize my clutter. Specifically papers that don't have a home and are just chilling on my counter and the atrocity that in the cabinet under the sink in my bathroom.

The perfect place to get low-cost and/or DIY ideas like this: Pinterest.

Lord, what did we do before Pinterest. I found out this weekend and it's horrible. I had to Google search what I  was looking for. SKIP all the Pinterest boards (top 5 on any decorating idea search) and then click through websites for people trying to sell maybe ONE storage solution or ONE under cabinet drawer vs. having a bevy of pretty photos and designs available to me.

What's worse it that I had to go to the Better, Homes and Garden's website and they have all of these galleries where you have to click 22 times to get to the next one, then to get back to your Google search, you have to click back 22 times. Horrible user experience.

I've found Solace in Apartment Therapy. When I was reading blogs more regularly, I visited them often. Their user experience is awesome. They'll have 10 pics on the page, but you just click the thumbnail and it becomes the key image vs. having to scroll through pics you may or may not want to see.

I feel like I'm living in 2003 without access to my favorite social networks. Even with the internet, 2003 must've been rough.

LOL! Send me your Lent updates! Or just send me the latest update on Twitter beef. Who's got it?

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