Thursday, February 26, 2015

Missing Out...

Is Twitter ablaze that the Department of Justice didn't bring any Civil Rights charges against George Zimmerman? Someone emailed me that news. I've been checking CNN and local news in Chicago and Pittsburgh, but it's not the same as Twitter. Twitter brought ALL the news right to my timeline. As well as the radical thought around it. I miss that immensely. That and Amber/Khloe-ish beef.

ALSO, I miss the realtime TV updates. I missed Empire two weeks in a row and I missed the Oscars. I literally saw the "this is what you missed at the Oscars" headline when I went to open my email and had to click it. I thought, I'm officially somebody's grandma, getting my news 12 hours after it happened.

How's Lent going for you? What have you missed about what you gave up? Has your prayer life increased? What about your scripture reading?

Happy Lenten Season all!

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