Monday, January 26, 2015

What's Missing?

The State of the Union speech by the President was wonderful. Complete with the type of hope and togetherness and liberal politics we expect from President Obama and even a few quips. #iWonBOFAThem

Unfortunately, he was missing a few topics that I think are significantly important to the union.

Gun Violence - It's like Sandy Hook never happened and/or he realized he was powerless over the NRA. It's sad that people fight for the right to take others lives. (Likely the same folks that are vehemently against abortion, but let me not go there today).

Social Security - Now I don't too much care about this. I've determined that there's no way that I'm going to get social security and am lining up my retirement funds accordingly. Some people don't have that privilege and will just be assed out when they retire. Surely, the government hasn't forgot about this and they don't think a bunch of child care credits (#iAintGotNoKids) is going to make up for this deficiency.

Infrastructure - Now maybe he mentioned this OR maybe some of the past credits that the government has given is already taking care of this, but I just saw THIS story about an Ohio overpass being closed due to scheduled maintenance. The picture scared me to death (originally I thought it collapsed, which is why reading is fundamental). I'm pretty sure nothing in the world matters if we can't get from place to place to work, eat, go home or pick up kids from child care because we died on an structurally unsound overpass.

What about you? Did you love the #SOTU? Were there any topics you missed? Do I have any 100% Republican readers? (I'm 49% Republican myself). Do you all have harsher criticism of my President?

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