Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Don't Be Mad...

Fox is being all Fox-like and people are making a big deal about it. I actually don't care that an elected official met with a "former crack dealer."

1. Unlike most things that run on Fox, this is factual. Jay-Z is in fact, a former crack dealer. Your past is your past. You can hide from it or make a fortune from it. Jay-Z chose the fortune. He's actually a very good decision maker, if you ask me, which is another reason why Cuomo wanted to meet with him.

I digress.

2. You didn't see Jesus kickin' it with the town criers (i.e. Fox News). He was eating dinner with the tax collectors (crooks) and sinners. The Bible actually just says "sinners" in every version I have, so we'ont even know what these people are getting into.

If Jesus can kick it with sinners (or former sinners), why can't Cuomo?

Don't let this stuff upset you, people. We have better things to worry about, like why Scandal isn't coming back until January 29th.

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