Friday, January 9, 2015

Bus Game Weak

So on January 4, the first day I got back to Pittsburgh from holiday vacation, I needed to volunteer at Family House. I know, I know. Doing too much. But it really was a relaxing vacation the volunteer coordinator called me in desperation to see if I could do it and I broke. I decided to do 2 hours instead of 4. I think that was a nice compromise.

Anywho, I'm carless. So I check the bus schedule and there's a bus that comes RIGHT by my house that goes RIGHT by Family House, so I made my way to get it. It actually takes about mm... 9 strong minutes to get out of a high rise. So needless to say, I missed that bus. No big deal, I took an Uber.

So on the way home, I walk to Wendy's to get dinner. I clearly wasn't cooking that night. Then I go get on the bus stop to catch the bus to my home. Let me also say that taking a bus in a city that you're not from is totally weird. I kinda know where I'm going, but I know those place via car, not via public trans.

Anywho, I get on the bus. My buscard doesn't work. The bus driver looks at me like I'm pure trash and says ma'am, it's Sunday, did your weekly pass expire. Um, FIRST OF ALL, I don't have a weekly pass. I have something close to $50 on the card. (Actually, it wa s$16, but enough for one ride and he didn't have to play me like that).

So I get off the bus and call another Uber. So for a 2-hour volunteer project, I spend $22 on Uber cars. NOT exactly the way I wanted to start my "saving money on transportation" year. It's still nowhere near the $500 a month I spent on my car in December, but I'm trying to get on the good foot.

In other encouraging news, my first lady texted to see if I needed a ride to church and one of my new friends said she doesn't drive her car during the week and I can use it whenever I want. Wait, what? God has me SO covered.

I can't wait to report when I pay off Sallie Mae/Navient (look for that note at the end of April). (Yeah, the loan part of Sallie Mae is now called Navient. Probably rebranding because people hate Sallie Mae so much). And I can't wait to say I'm completely done with student loans during my 2015 wrap-up.

My bus game is weak, but this year is still about to be amazing on the personal finance front.

How's your January coming along?

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