Friday, December 12, 2014

Let's Talk About It

I don't think I've talked about police brutality here. I don't think I've had the words to succinctly sum up what I'm feeling or what I'm watching or what these last 100+ days since Mike Brown was killed have felt like. They haven't felt any different from the days when Trayvon Martin was killed or when Derrion Albert was killed or when Hadiya Pendleton was killed.

But there is an uprising. My feelings coupled with the feelings of millions of Americans nationwide is that we will not stand for injustice and we will not standby while injustice is being served and my heart is pleased with the reaction.

I saw this poster on Facebook and it so succinctly sums up what I've been thinking and feeling about police violence, in particular (I hate all violence).

There's something about self-defense or watching a lifetime of Bad Boys-like movies that makes us think killing the bad guy is ok. Then layer that with people thinking everyone who is black is a bad guy and black people having the responsibility of managing other people's fears. I've never seen so many laws on the books that let you kill a person because of your fear. How can I manage another person's misperceived notions about me?

Some of us have to pay for this with bad annual reviews (and subsequently subpar pay raises) from our workplaces because while our work quality is stellar, white people are "afraid to talk to us" or think we're too "abrasive." Economic disenfranchisement much? Others of us pay for this mentality with the ultimate price of our lives. Slavery mentality [just like rape culture] affects us all and I'm happy the nation is rising up against it.  

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