Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tea's Tangents: Part 1

Hey Guys!

I've missed you. I've missed blogging and your comments, but I haven't found the time I need to do it consistently. I just got back from Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain. I took another day off work to get my mind and body right before hopping right back into the grind.

As I unpack, I have all of these random thoughts. I'm just going to pause and right them as a blog and when I get to 10, I'll write another blog.

1. I just found 2 Euros in my purse, which is $3.50. I'm pissed. When you switch your money back, they don't take any change less than 1 Euro. I'm like, but I have .67 cents (Euro cents). LOL! Who's going to Europe soon? I want to mail you this 2 Euro coin. I'm only half joking.

2. The nipple covers I ordered didn't come in before I went out of town. They're coffee colored. I'm more of a peanut butter color. So they don't really work either. Chichi, your idea to DIY is great. I'm going to do that next.

3. I don't really need nipple covers in Europe. They don't even wear tops on the beach, so who cares if my nipples are showing at the club.

4. I completely overpacked. I even grabbed my mom's bigger luggage when I was in Chicago (which is really my little brother's... it's family luggage, really.) It was probably like 52 pounds. Mostly... hair products, but I packed options. You don't need options on vacation. You need to repeat outfits on vacation.

5. It wouldn't have been THAT big of a deal that I overpacked if the luggage wasn't broken. One wheel on the bottom was worn, so the luggage was dragging the ground. So I was basically lugging 52 extra pounds while traveling. Ouch.

6. In Europe the carts are free. Got back to the states $5 for a cart. Really?

7. Unpacking and there's sand EVERYWHERE

8. I'm unpacking, washing and repacking because I'm going to Chicago on Friday.

9. I'm trying to sell Bey and Jay tickets for Houston on Friday 7/18. No one wantst them. I guess all the fans already have their tickets. I want to go in an irresponsible way. But responsibibly, I really hope I don't have to use these tickets myself. I need my bank account to re-up

10. Listening to the new Trigga. I haven't heard any bad reviews. The lyrics are messy, per usual. I can't turn it off. LOL!

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