Monday, July 21, 2014

Over It

I'm so over dating. It's like bills to me. I'm not going to stop paying my bills (or dating), but sometimes you just look at the money going out and you're like, you know what, I'm over this.

I'm sick of the getting to know you phase. I want to skip straight to cuddling on the couch after dinner. Let me humor you with some of my recent shenanigans.

  • I'm talking to a dude and he apologizes for not keeping in touch. He's "going through some stuff" with his ex. #Ew #DoNotWant 
  • I am so sick of asking dudes what they do for a living. It's like pulling teeth to get an honest answer. If I hear business administration, retail, I'm in the medical field or some other mask for a high- or low-paying job, I may scream.
  • A text conversation with a dude fron Tinder:

Him: What are you up to
Me: I just left church and dinner?
Him (WITHOUT ME ASKING): I just got in from the dealership... I want to drive to Pittsburgh to come see you.
Me: That's a long drive. Do you like road trips.
Him: Love them. Plus, I just got a new car.
Me: That's cool.
Him: proceeds to send me 3 pictures of his new Benz, complete with the jail pose in front of the car.

Something about my profile must scream: BASIC, 'cause he thought I cared.

  • And finally, I HATE repeating myself. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. New dude (but not THAT new) hits me up. Wants to know how my day was. It's 9 p.m. I'm still at work. I say: I'm still at work. He goes "Wow, Long day?" We've literally had this same exact conversation before. I work long hours. I try to keep them in perspective. Yes, I worked 12 hours today, but I could have also spent 12 hours LOOKING for a job. I'm blessed. I spent my entire weekend NOT working. It's OK. 
  • Unless you're inviting me somewhere other than work (which he is not), then I'm not really going to commiserate with you about how hard life is and how many hours I work. I can't with miserable dudes. (He's not just miserable because he asked me about a long day. He's miserable because he's never happy when I talk to him. He tries to bring me down with him. I ain't going fam.) 
I wish I was one of those people who wanted to take a dating/relationship hiatus. Those people are truly free. No partner bogging them down. No potentials wasting their time. I'm not them though. I like to keep my options open.

Thus, I deal with f*ckery daily.

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chichi said...

I really DETEST dating which is why I rarely put myself out there.