Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Keep the Party Going

Missing a flight is not the worst thing that can happen. For starters, I didn't even know where I was going to be staying Friday night. I could always go to my mom's house by default, but sometimes it's fun to stay with friends AND that's the only way I can ensure that I'll see them.

Here's what I did since I missed my flight.

1. Canceled Comcast (Usual bill $137.45. Final bill: $19.33). I have no cable, but I still feel like I'm winning.
2. Tried to cancel my Beyonce tickets to Houston. I got a presale, so they're not going. I think I'm going to donate them to charity. 
3. Set up my new internet. I wasn't going to get to do that until Monday.
4. Got my name on the list for a new club opening in Pittsburgh today.
5. Ate a sensible dinner.
6. Wrote two blogs

7. Painted my nails 
8. Caught up with Pittsburgh friends I haven't seen in at least three weeks
9. Got fly
10. Hit the streets

Worst things could have happened than missing a flight. The car could have blown up and my coworker and I could have died and/or had third degree burns.

I'm so happy I just missed my flight instead.

P.S. I totally forgot to call yellow cab and cancel that second cab. The cabbie yelled at me and told me to call dispatch to cancel. I forgot. It's about 3 hours later now. I think they get the point. That inconsiderate karma will come back to me (or maybe I already got it. I mean, I do frequent the Unitepost office). Ah well.   

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