Monday, June 9, 2014

What's A Good Gift?

One of my girls at Gwen's Girls is having a birthday. She's turning 17 and she's a mom of a toddler. (I think Tyshaun is almost 2 by now.) I want to get her a gift that all of the other girls can share (like a cookie cake), because it's SO hard to get just one thing for one girl. It's like saying which one of your kids you love the most.

OR I want to get something that I can buy 13 of and maybe she gets the big one. Like a journal or something like that.

I wrote all of their birthdays down, but there's no guarantee they'll be in the group home when their birthdays actually come around, so I really have to live in the moment with this group. 

So I want her birthday to be like EVERYBODY'S birthday, but I also want to make her feel special.

Any ideas?

P.S. If you haven't guessed by now, mentoring is going well! 


Ishea said...

I understand wanting everyone to feel special, but I also think it might be nice for those girls to feel "extra" special on their birthday and not have to share it with anyone else... mainly for the fact that they're in a group home and probably already sharing so much. It might be nice to bring a cake and allow the girls to celebrate with her, but there's nothing wrong with getting her and her alone a gift. Let her feel special. It can be under $50 and something affordable and nice. She's a young mom and you never know her history... this could be one of the first times she's able to have the spotlight placed on her and ade to feel special on her special day. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

I agree with 100% with Ishea. Having to share HER birthday communicates the message that she's not special--which is a message she's probably "heard" plenty.