Friday, June 13, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy...

Sometimes it's hard to remember the good times, so I'm writing this post because I have so many good things to be happy about and look forward to. I'll refer back to this post when I'm down.

Here are things that are making me happy right now:

1. My friend moved to Pittsburgh from Chicago. I have a Plus 1, a rider, a ride-or-die, an old friend, IN PITTSBURGH! Fam, we've been out four times and she's only been here 10 days. Anywhere you are can be like summertime Chi if you have the right person to spend it with. I'm loving it!

2. I threw said friend a party at my house on Saturday. And by party I mean, I invited 30 people and only five came... because people in Pittsburgh underestimate the power of a good house party. I mean, I make cinnamon rolls with bacon in them... they don't know. Anywho, I was happy to host her and the other five folks because no one did that for me when I got here and it would have made life so much easier!

3. I'm bringing a gift, a card and cupcakes for my mentees tonight. I'm so excited! I hope this is a fabulous kickoff to their weekend. I love those girls and I'm happy they get to be a part of my life.

4. I organized a meet and greet for African-American professional in PR, Marketing, Communications and Advertising. I started with a list of 19, it's since swelled to 53 and I have 20 RSVPs (which means about 16.5 people will show up). Man, I'm so excited to possibly create this network in Pittsburgh.

5. I'm going to Chicago next weekend! Impromptu trip. And, without me even asking, a friend says "do you need a place to stay?" She's going out of town for the weekend, lives downtown, has a rooftop deck... now I don't have to rent a car. Man, I love my life. And I especially love my life in the summer... in Chicago. YES!

6. I feel like I had an accomplished week at work. There were so many things I didn't get to, but there were SO many things that I downright beasted. Gotta be happy about that.

7. I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks. The beach is calling my name. CALLING! MY! NAME! SPAIN, HOLLATCHAGURL!

And you know what else, I'm happy for my friends. We are getting new jobs, getting married, getting pregnant, finding Jesus. Their happy is my happy and I'm so happy right now.

What are you happy about today?

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