Friday, May 9, 2014

Rooftop Bars in the Chi

Chicago Mag just posted the top 12 rooftops bars in the Chi and I've only been to three of them. I will be knocking one of these off every time I visit home this summer. I'll publish the Pittsburgh rooftop list soon too. It PALES in comparison, but... when in Rome.

By Kaitlin Jakola

After a winter of drinking indoors, it’s time to come out of hibernation and drink on a roof. These alfresco bars are some of the top spots in Chicago for the summer of 2013—an update to our 2012 list, and a nice chaser to February’s Best Bars package. Just keep a sweater on hand in case a chill comes to join the party.

The Dec (160 E. Pearson St., 312-573-5160)
It’s a deck bar outside a restaurant inside a hotel popular with an older crowd. That said, The Dec (above) makes masterful use of the 12th-floor space outside Deca restaurant, with a full bar and an ice cream sundae cart. If you’re feeling reflective, peer into “The Lens,” an eye-shaped statue made of the same material as Millennium Park’s “Cloud Gate.”

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