Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Work Time

So it's about to be a busy summer. Lots of travel. Lots of work travel. When people ask working moms how they do it all the smart ones usually say "You can have it all, but not at the same time."

I don't have any kids, but I do have a life and for the past few years it's been prioritized very high. I don't cancel appointments for work anymore. (I'd never go to the dentist.)

I leave at 5 p.m. if/when I have things to do after work (which has been happening a lot) and I don't work on weekends unless I absolutely have to.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I have about 20-35 meetings a week. It's literally impossible to be effective if you have that many meetings AND leave work on time AND don't work on weekends. Impossible.

So this summer, when I'm in town, I think I'm going to dial back the social activity. Like, if it's not on a weekend, I'm not committing to it. Way too many dinners and fundraisers and extra stuff that has me sleepy, cranky and just otherwise ready to go all the time at work.

I did come here to WORK. I didn't come here to be a social butterfly. (It's in my DNA as well). I'm getting ready to put saying no into strong practice.

It should also be noted that the way this city is set up, makes it harder for me to be great. I live downtown and there are no shops or grocery stores or cleaners or nail salons that are either a) close or b) open by the time I get off work. And they don't sell liquor at the grocery store. This means, no quick dinner runs to Trader Joe's. No "I-need-a-shirt-for-a-meeting" runs to H&M. No "do-my-face-real-quick" stops at the MAC counter in Nordstrom. So I have to do all my prep on the weekends, which means I have no time to clean (or if I clean I have no time to party). Then if I do party and I haven't cleaned and people want to come up (and they always want to come up b/c I live in the middle of the city), then I have to sprint to my apartment while my friend holds the crowd in my lobby so I can scrub the bathroom and kitchen down <---- happened.="" nbsp="" p="" this="">
All of this to say that who I am (on-the-go, super busy, social butterfly, workaholic) is not really supported by this city and as such, something's gotta give and right now that's my social life.

I'm going to try not to complain about working 60 hour (or more) weeks and just do the damn thing and drink and pray a lot. 

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