Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm Cranky

I'm pretty sure eating what I want and not working out for almost a month now has turned me into a very cranky person at work. (I'm surprisingly happy in the evening though. Ice cream and cocktails, YES!)

Anywho, the open format of my office is on my last nerves today.

1. Do you have someone at your job, who doesn't talk. Then when they start talking, they won't be quiet. Man, this one dude is going on and on and it's not even 9 a.m. yet. I can't.

2. Also, folks are running around talking about they have to go to the doctors. How many doctors do you have to go to? Goofs.

3. Also, someone just asked me if I did something and I'm like you mean from what we talked about at 10 a.m. yesterday. Did you expect me to do it while I was in my other meetings or while I was sleep? Both were inappropriate. No, it hasn't happened. I'll send you a note when I do it. (I didn't say any of that, but I wanted to.)

4. Three people are having a full-on meeting at the table in our team area. Because meeting in conference rooms is... what? Frowned upon. Help me, holy ghost.

Y'all pray that I get back in the gym this week because it's going to be one off-the-wall comment, and folks will get introduced to Katie Kaboom. I was really trying to leave her in Chicago.

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Ishea said...

Sending you some good vibes... maybe you can just focus on the ice cream and cocktails you can have at 5p, or nah? Lol...