Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Too Geeked!

They're going to let me take one of the girls to the Pirates game! I'm so happy. I'm about to start crying. This girl, in particular, always asks me to come on the weekends.

This means she doesn't get home visits, because if the girls have the choice, they go home on the weekends.

I came in on a Friday once and her eyes lit up so big. And then, because she's fit, she's like: "Oh, hey. I didn't think you were coming."

THEN one day she said her school (or somewhere) had free tickets to the Pirates game and she wasn't interested, but she probably should have went for the experience. Her words. Not mine. So I shook my head, like yeah, next time you should go.

This is next time! I hope she says yes! I also hope I can explain the game to her. o_O We might be shawt.


And I got Jenga for the girls tonight. All good news everything!

How's your volunteering/mentoring/giving back going for the year? It's never too late to start!

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