Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Friend Coded Language

Medium-sized city life is interesting. What I've learned about Pittsburgh, in particular, is that as a city of neighborhoods lots of people here don't even go outside of their neighborhoods. There's actually a lot of similarities to Chicago in that respect. Some people never leave Lincoln Park. Others never leave Englewood.

I also learned that "moving to Pittsburgh" is a new phenomenon. The city is going through so much redevelopment that is attracting people here and natives don't know what to do with us newbies. And there are a lot of people who move in and out of Pittsburgh (like I intend to do) so people who are staying here forever aren't always welcoming of the transplants. Folks can be nice, but not welcoming, if that makes sense.

Further, the black population is small and the black middle class is smaller, so (again, like Chicago) everyone knows everyone. 

I've always liked meeting new people, but there's coded language that happens with BRAND NEW folks. Most of it is pretty hilarious, but here's my guide to new friend coded language.

What they say: Let's do brunch/lunch/dinner soon.
What they mean and/or what I hear: You need to plan a brunch for us soon or it won't happen.

What they say: What time are you getting there?
What they mean: I'm not leaving my house until you tell me what time you're arriving because I don't want to be alone, but I'm ok with you being alone. I also don't know you well enough to tell you that I'd like for us to arrive together, but that's what I really want.

What they say: Who else is going to be there?
What they mean and/or what I hear: I'm not sure that you're interesting enough for me to go with just you and I'd like to invite other people who I know better so I'm not uncomfortable at any time.

What they say: Who did you go with?
What they mean and/or what I hear: How could you possibly have friends that aren't in "my" friend circle?

What they say: Who is that? How do you know them?
What they mean and/or what I hear: I know everybody, so you couldn't possibly know someone I don't know? Can you introduce me so I can know everybody.

I also had a hilarious situation where me talking to friend A is not enough. Friend B had to confirm. For example I said "I talked to friend A about world peace. I'll let you know what he said." Run into friend A in the streets. "Hey, Friend B called to ask me about world peace before I was able to call you back. It's done." Me: "Oh."

Who else has fun new friend stories?  


Ishea said...

Girl... I have a grip of 'new boo' stories... but I should probably save them for GChat lol

chichi said...

I just moved to a new city too! I hate it here lol everyone is so clique-ish