Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let's Go To Court...

Let's run the timeline

September 2013 - Car accident
Every month from then to now - Non-payment of my rental car fees by the other person's insurance
January 2014 - Horrible "We're not paying calls and letter" from the other person's insurance AND the car dealership guy gave me money out of his own pocket.
April 2014 - Someone told me that I should stop trying to figure this out on my own and just have State Farm (my insurance) handle it. I submitted the car rental claim to State Farm to get my money back from Erie Insurance. This isn't payment for the actual accident, so my premiums won't go up. Additionally, State Farm pays 80% car rentals, so when they give me my money back, I'll give the car dealership owner his money back.

THEN it could be another two years depending on court dates and such before I get the other 20%, but State Farm will send their lawyers, so I don't have to worry about it. Erie Insurance may also settle because who wants to go to court for non-payment on three days on a rental car. I surely wouldn't.

Here's the thing. My budget can absorb the money, but why should I have to? I pay insurance fees monthly so State Farm can go to bat for me when other companies try to get over on me. I also am a safe driver and an honest person and there's no reason Erie Insurance should be trying to get over on me for about $150. None at all. Also, this is America people. We can take anyone to court for anything and my right to drive safely was violated in August, so yeah, Erie's going to court.

I'll keep you posted on this saga as it continues.

Please also note that the reason it took me from January to April to actually file this thing is a lack of free time AND mental space to deal with this mess.

Trust me, my money will still spend well when I get it back.

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