Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Need a Pep Talk

Ok, I'm concerned about my birthday. I remember the one year I had a bad birthday. I was turning 24 and I didn't reserve a bottle at the place we were going. It was super posh and exclusive, hence half of my friends didn't get in. We ended up at some reggae place on Division and my then-boyfriend kept trying to make me smile (in between he was asking me why I had my breasts out for the world to see). Um... it's my birthday. DUH!

I've not had a bad birthday since, but I'm starting to think I should have went home again this year. I decided to have my party at the Posh, fabulous place I found in Pittsburgh, but I don't think my guests are going to make the minimums (that's fine. I can afford the balance). I also just got the contract and it said that if a guest opens a tab and they don't pay, I have to pay for it. Man, wtf?

I don't really know these people in Pittsburgh THAT well to think if they'd skip out on a bill or not, but I know one of these millennials I was hanging out with said she only had $12 until the 30th and my party is on the 25th. People are going to be in there eating up the food I purchased and not drinking anything and even though I KNOW this is going to happen, I'm still going to get upset about it.

And here's the real problem, I'm not convinced that 30 people will come. I maybe have 20 RSVPs. MAYBE people will bring friends, but I highly doubt it. Also, I don't know anyone here well enough to be extremely drunk... but I'm definitely going to get extremely drunk.

THEN, I'm going to say how I really feel about Pittsburgh and then I'm going to hurt someone's feelings and then all of my new friends will be my new frenemies.

Or maybe it'll be just fine.

I don't know. Help me get out of my head. I need a peptalk. I'll start (because when I want to talk to someone with some sense, I consult myself.)

You are fabulous and amazing and your birthday will be awesome because you are awesome.

Ok, your turn.


chichi said...

No matter what happens, you will have a funny story or two to share and your birthday will be memorable :)

Ishea said...

I hit you twitter regarding this.

Don't gamble your b-day in PGH. I'm all for scaling back and planning a low key dinner. Your gut is not going to lead you in the wrong direction... the folks out there probably can't handle what you're planning. I'd do a casual dinner there and hop a flight back to Chicago to celebrate for real with your friends and family... even if you're in and out it'd be worth the trip.