Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who is she?

I'm in between grocery store visits and am using scented lotion that I don't normally use and I forgot about that. So I still put perfume on... on top of this foreign [to me] scented lotion.

I smell like someone else. I don't know her. I think I like her. She smells good, but she doesn't smell like me.

I'm like a floral chemistry experiment right now and if I was in closer quarters with coworkers, I would probably "offend" someone.

Side note: how are people so offended by good smells? I was in the back of a car that smelled like must on a work trip and asked if I could get an air freshener (because I know mogs are always offended by good smells) and they were like no, no, no it's going to give me a headache.

I'm thinking the smell of old feet doesn't give you a headache?

How have I gotten so far away from what I was trying to say.

I don't know, but maybe one day I'll post more than three times a month.

Probably not. 

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Ishea said...

I tried out a new perfume recently (can't remember the name) but when my boyfriend smelled it he told me I smelled like a "grown woman." Not sure if that's a bad thing or not lol, but we agreed that I didn't smell like myself. He's also been adamant about the fact my hair "doesn't smell like me" because I have my Senegalese twists in right now lol. Guessing I smell like a combination of afro sheen and an African braid shop lol