Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lost in Pittsburgh...

The funniest thing happened to me on Monday. I was going to Tweet it, but my friend who was the cause of the problem follows me (one of like three people who follow me on Twitter in Pittsburgh) and I didn't want to make her feel worse.

So she invites me to one of her favorite spots, Mad Mex. Surprisingly, I know exactly where it is and despite it being a Monday, I can actually make it there at a decent hour.

I hightail it out of work, then have the worst traffic on a road that is the only shortcut I know in Pittsburgh. What's worse is that the traffic was a gaper's delay. Both lanes on my side of a four lane highway were open, but idiots were just stopping to see what happened.

I get there, the hostess tells me I can look around and I go upstairs, damn near into the kitchen. I don't see my friend. She's black. This is Pittsburgh. No way it should have taken me that long to find her.

My phone is on 11% at this point and I call and text to see where she is. She's like come all the way to the back. I'm like "past the kitchen"? She's like aw man, are you at the Shadyside location. I'm like yeah, where else would I be. (She lives in Shadyside). She's like dang, we're in Oakland.

I'm like *scrunchy face* OAKLAND? Oakland is where the University of Pittsburgh is. If I'm not in school there, I have NO BUSINESS being on that campus. Just congestion and drunkenness and broke men... Oops, I mean students.

Then I remember that she went to Pitt. That's her entire reason for being here and even though she graduated at least 3 years ago, she probably still has some favorite spots that are carryovers from her college days.

So she texts me the address. My phone dies. I ask the valet how to get there. He sends me off. I end up at the zoo. Anytime, you end up at a zoo, forest preserve, natural habitat, national park... you think "Hmm... I may have made a wrong turn."

I get out and go to a gas station and there are black people in it. I'm thinking "what neighborhood is this that there are exclusively African-Americans here?" Damn shame.

So the brother gives me directions and once again, it's a send-off.

In 2014, people don't know how to give directions. In 2014, I don't know how to read and/or comprehend directions.

It was a mess on all fronts.

I just went home because I knew exactly how to get there from where I was (this is a win if I do say so myself).

Worst part. She'd already ordered me a taco salad and I now I have a taste for one and I'm not making it at home.

Lessons. I need a new phone. I need to ask for addresses and ensure I know where I'm going before I leave. I probably should have just went home after work anyway since my budget doesn't really support all of this dining out. Pittsburgh is a confusing, traffic-filled place to live, but I think I can manage.


Ishea said...

This could have all been solved with a car charger for your phone and google maps! I won't charge you for that piece of advice lol...

chichi said...

lol!!! @ Ishea