Friday, March 21, 2014

Insecurities on Display

I'm about to put my insecurities on full display this morning. I have a fear of being forgotten and/or not heard. These fears play out in real life through anger. I don't like repeating myself because I feel like you should have been listening the first time.

I also don't like when people forget the details of my life. (Which is asinine because I damn sure don't remember theirs.)

A few hilarious examples of this came up recently:

  • A party promoter thinks I went to FAMU. He went to Howard. We have this friendly banter about how FAM is better than Howard. I went to U of I... We got in the party at a discount. That's all that matters. 
  • Barista at the hotel coffee shop near my job (because why would access to a real Starbucks be feasible in Pittsburgh...). Anywho, she goes "hey stranger? Extra caramel, extra whip?" I'm like nah, just the regular amount. She's like: "oh, you switched it up huh?" I've never ordered extra caramel or extra whip cream in my caramel macchiato. It's enough sugar in that thing already. 
  • A high school classmate recently moved to the 'Burgh. When she made the announcement, I told her to hit me up once she got settled. She hits me yesterday about a FB status I made about Pittsburgh and says "I didn't know you lived in Pittsburgh. I just moved here recently." So... my little outreach message never made it to you. OR you just conveniently ignored it. 
  • I go to my mom's church. The church I grew up in. A friend's dad says: "I haven't seen you here in a while." For starters, I don't live in Chicago. Even worse, I haven't gone to that church as a member since 2005. Why does no one know this?  
  • Finally, people don't know I live in Pittsburgh. I've been here 16 months. I know Ishea's going to say "But you go to Chicago once a month" so people who aren't close to me aren't going to know that. But I feel like they should. 
  Cue Beyonce's Listen AND I Was Here. *rocks back and forth with my lighter*


Well Heeled Blog said...

I didn't know you lived in Pittsburgh. Never been, but I heard it's a great city. I had a post on affordable, exciting cities for Millennials, and many commenters praised the virtues of Pittsburgh. Makes me want to visit.

Well Heeled Blog said...

Here's the post - as you can see in the comments, there are lots of love for Pittsburgh! Are you enjoying it?

T said...

Hey Well Heeled! Pittsburgh is VERY livable, which is the nice way of saying cheap. If you look at my Adventures in Pittsburgh thread you'll see all of the joys (cheap living, super nice people) and pains (lack of diversity, fashion and direct flights) that I've experienced here.

Based on what I know from reading your blog, I think you would love the cost of things here and the simple lifestyle. I don't know that you'd be a fan of the winters.

Hope all is well with you!