Monday, March 31, 2014

He Said It. I Didn't...

So Damon Young (aka the Champ) from VSB is from Pittsburgh? Did you know that? I didn't know that. Well, maybe I found out at some point and followed him on my public Twitter profile, but then I forgot.

So I gave up drinking for Lent (I'm going somewhere with this), so I have a lot more free time, so I'm catching up on my blog reading.

I came across the following article on VSB, which then directed to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I was going to share it on Facebook, but coworkers read it. And despite being an individual with my own thoughts and opinions, I always worry that stating what's true, if it's negative, is going to make me look like I'm not an advocate of my job or my company or the city that my company is in.

Given the topic of the article you can really see where I'm coming from, but...

*sigh* here it is:

New York, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., are wonderful cities that can’t resist preening when passing mirrors to remind themselves just how wonderful they are. Pittsburgh is a wonderful city that doesn’t even see the mirror. It just turns to its buddies and says, “Hey, yinz guys, let’s go have a beer.”
Like many Pittsburghers — native, current, newly transplanted, newly transplanted away — I read the Chicago Tribune’s Josh Noel’s ode to our city with pride. Nodding with every laud, my fiancee and I even gave ourselves cool points for our familiarity with many of the venues Noel name-dropped. (Shout out to 720!)

We felt the same spirit when sharing and retweeting Buzzfeed’s “16 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Is the Greatest City on the Planet” months earlier, and Pitt Girl’s year-end “10 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Owned 2013.”

Although not without its faults, the Burgh has a beauty and character that somehow manages to be both sneaky and striking. It doesn’t just grow on you. It grows in you. And seeing it receive so much national love — so much proof that others finally recognize what’s happening here — is not unlike the feeling a father might have when his daughter’s soccer coach finally notices and acknowledges her hustle.

For black Pittsburghers, though...

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