Friday, March 28, 2014

Concerts in the 'Burgh

So Pittsburgh isn't the worst place to be. There are actually lots of good concerts that come to the area. Beyonce didn't come, which further let's me know I need to leave here, but 

Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Pusha T and 2 Chainz have all recently toured here. Not so bad. Here are my top 10 upcoming concerts... with 10 being, someone I know may be interested and 1 being something I might actually go to.


10. Bruce Springsteen, April 22, Consol Energy Center (Had to get this list to 10 somehow)  
9. Rod Stewart and Santana, May 26 (Again, 10 was a stretch) 
8. Lady Gaga, Consol Energy Center  

7. Rockie Fresh, March 29, Altar Bar (I don't go to bars that used to be churches. Nope, can't do it.)
6. Jim Jones, April 4, First Friday at Whim (I don't "do" Whim)
5.  Robert Glasper, April 29th, Cabaret at Theater Square (Sold Out) 
4. John Legend, June 15, Byham Theater (Tickets are too damn expensive, but if I can get a deal at the last minute, I'll go.)
3. Fantasia, May 11, The Benedum - I might roll through 
2. The Foreign Exchange, April 11, Market Square - It appears to be Free.99!!!
1. Hugh Masekala, March 30, Hazlett Theater (I really thought he was playing at MCG Jazz Hall, but maybe I was mistaken), tickets are $45. I might go.


Israel Houghton and New Breed, Friday, April 18 (Good Friday), The Benedum 

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