Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter First Dates...

Winter first dates are so problematic. I need to be cute, but warm. Wear fly shoes, but be balanced enough to walk through ice and snow. Be feminine looking, but toasty.

I put all these shoes on the floor and was pouring over which to wear. Thought I'd capture the moment for you all. This is my life.

I love it though. So much promise in every option... every SHOE option, I mean.

Who has tips for winter dates? I know it's not just me.


chichi said...

I love the booties the best! I always say go for looking the sexiest and worry about the cold later lol. I know it's impractical but that's what I normally do. I layer up underneath though with two tights and camisoles + a tee if needed.

Ishea said...

I don't really dress for the season. I, of course, keep in mind climate but it doesn't overrule any fashion choice I'd like. For instance, I may just add a cute pair of tights but still rock a pair of leather short, nice top, and booties. Gotta let those legs come out and play! How dare a little cold damper my fun lol