Thursday, February 27, 2014

We Need Some Etiquette Rules

Texts messages are OUT.OF.CONTROL.

They are so prevalent in my day-to-day life that I miss text messages the way I miss emails. Like, I thought I responded, but I didn't. For the most part, what angers me is when people use text messages in ways that are impractical. Some of these things do not make sense. Good sense. Common sense. They just make no damn sense at all.

Here are the top 10 things that annoy me about the text messages I've been receiving lately.

10. People who text in the middle of the day and expect a response. I have a job. Like if you have something funny to say, fine. I'll read it, laugh and get back to work. But, if you really expect me to have a full-on conversation with you while I'm making money... just, don't.

9. A cousin to #10, people who expect an immediate response via text at any time of the day.They'll send a question. Then 2 minutes later follow up with a ? mark. REALLY?

8. People who send text messages that should CLEARLY be emails. Like if you asked me four things, you should have just sent an email. I don't have the attention span to answer all of your questions on my phone.

7. People who do not have iPhones trying to send and/or respond to group texts. Oh man, this is the worst. They're like "Who is this?" every time someone sends a group text.

6. People who forward stuff via text. Again, this is not an email. And email forwards died in 2001. Just stop.

5. Party promoter texts. More on this tomorrow.

4. People who text to tell you they called you. Was the voicemail broken? Are you too busy to call back? Like did I need an alert that you called BESIDES the missed call and/or the available voice messaging system? This is also a sign of arrogance. These are the same folks from #9. They need some business.

3. People who text and tell you to call them. Seriously? Are you out of daytime minutes? Why else wouldn't you just call me?

2. People who text and ASK if they can call you. This is especially disgusting when it's a guy I'm dating. It's like dude, man up, and pick up the phone. If I don't answer, call back or leave a message. Like how much face are you going to lose by just calling me. When you think about it, these same dudes will be trying to come in my house and buss me down three hours later, but you couldn't pick up the phone and call me? This reminds me. I have some dating stories for y'all...

1. Texts from coworkers. At times, this is appropriate, but these people will literally text me on nights and weekends. Or worse, I'll be sitting AT work AT my desk with my email OPEN and get a text. Really? You're not even going to TRY an appropriate means of communication. You're just going to go straight to text.

I'm not going to curse anyone out over it, but I've had to shake my head so much. I want the madness to end.


Ishea said...

There are a few friends I have who are busy and I've shot them a text to see if now was an okay time to speak... prior to calling. I hate talking on the phone. HATE it. I would rather spend time together in person, so if I'm going to call you I need to make sure it's a time we can actually speak lol.

With that said, I loathe group texts. They're annoying and unless it's sharing a funny video or funny anything, I don't really need a "happy wednesday/friday/weekend" mass text... then getting all of the responses. It makes me want to gouge out my eyes.

What else... Yeah, I'm with you re: having a job and not responding immediately. Especially to people I'm just quasi friends with. My real friends know how to reach me during the day -- GChat lol.

Unknown said...

The problem with electronic communication (whether text, email or otherwise) is that everyone has their own etiquette rules, which makes following "rules" very difficult. For example, if you call me and don't leave a voice message, I interpret it to mean what you had to say wasn't important and I'm probably not going to call you back. My sister, on the other hand, hates voice messages and WILL call you back if she sees she missed your call.

The bottom line is we are letting technology ruin the way we communicate with people. It's making people impatient, because the more we shorten what we say (via a platform like Twitter, for example), the more annoyed we get when people are ACTUALLY saying something of substance but they're "taking too long" to get it out.