Friday, February 28, 2014

Funny To Me

I definitely have FOMO. No one could deny that. However, at some point, it became less about the bar and club scene and more about the house party, happy hour, theater, concert scene. So I unsubscribed from EVERY party listserv EVER. I figured if a club party was SO hot that I had to be there, my friends would be going and they'd just tell me about it.

However, every once in a while, these club emails and/or texts resurface. Either someone put my name on a list without my knowledge or there had been a dormant listserv at the time that I was unsubscribing.

When it comes to text listservs, sometimes the service is automated. Below see an illustration of how I tried to reply to a text message like it was coming from a real person. Then, when I realized it wasn't paying me any attention (weeks later), I started talking to it like a machine.

The conversation that ensued was funny to me.

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Ishea said...

I always laughed at people who said they were promoters, yet their "job" consisted of spamming cell phones and emails. I loathe being on a text/email list, but love being in the mix. Like you, if my friends don't know about it then it's probably not hot. I'm too plugged in Chicago to miss out.