Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can I Be Crass?

Let me just be crass for one post and then I promise to dial it back?

What's up with all these songs talking about pulling draws to the side. Jay-Z, Chris Brown, probably August Alsina. Everyone's talking about moving draws over.

What type of bathroom sex is the entire country participating in that they don't have time to take draws off. Also, for everyone who's not married and/or in a committed relationship, where you have seen your partner's test results um... what are you people thinking.

Art imitates life. There's no way they are not just making this stuff up. So aside from the complete irresponsibility of the thing, do y'all know how good slow sex is? I'm talking about turn ON the lights. Take off your clothes piece by piece and FOCUS on each part of the body and FEEL every movement sex. I'm sorry, my panties have to be completely removed for that exercise. It really beats rushed bathroom sex any day of the week.

Ok. Sorry, just had to get that out. I know a quickie is warranted every now and again (or you know once or twice a week in a I'm having sex 7-days a week type of relationship), but if radio (shout out to the Heat Station 47 on XM satellite radio) is any indicator, then folks are having too much quick, unsafe, sloppy [and what I bet is unfulfiling] sex.

Don't judge me. I'ma go read a scripture now.

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Ishea said...

Pulling your panties to the side is pretty nice every once in a while... of course, this is something I'm doing in a committed relationship, but that's a personal preference. Spontaneous sex can be pretty amazeballs.