Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tea's Tangents

  • I have all these unmarketable skills. Yesterday, I chopped vegetables for chili without messing up my manicure. Anyone who cooks knows that chopping can be murder on your nails. I was so proud of myself, then I was like wait... no one cares.
  • I had big plans to have someone in Pittsburgh tackle these brows this week while I'm off work. I tried to go yesterday, the salon was closed. Tried to go today and they were booked, which is a good sign, because that means they're in high demand. I was going to ask for the prayers of the saints, but God has better things to do than worry about the shape of my brows. One more day looking like Frida Kahlo and Ernie's cousin. One more day.
  • I FINALLY had my mentoring interview. Now they just need to check my references and then I can get started. Unfortunately, I have to make some tough decisions about which group I want to work with. I wish they'd just give me one person and I go from there, but I understand why they run the program the way they do. More on this later.
  • BUT ALSO, the girls program I'm working with shares a building with a boy's program. The male workers and volunteers. Man. You know I love a man that gives back... and who's fit. They weren't hard to look at either. Might find my husband while I'm volunteering. #CantLose

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Ishea said...

You no longer want to flourish under the Brooke Shields Act? lol... I haven't had my brows threaded in almost a month, but they're not terrible. They're a little overgrown, but I could honestly go another 2 months w/o getting them done lol. I need them to get fuller.